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星際擴散Star Diffusion |Tease Trailer

Star Diffusion 星際擴散官方網頁:https://www.facebook.com/StarDiffussion/

Arrange/Composer|WeiFan Chang 張衞帆
Sound FX| Marc Lin
Creative Agency|Motpic Studio
Director |Lit
Story Board|Misy Tinyun Lan


《Star Diffusion》 is a sci-fi horror mobile game with a top-down perspective.
CELAD has been famous for develop video games of anime narrative and 2D art style.
It's a big challenge to create a 3D sci-fi horror game with shooting mechanic both in technique or art style.  


Alternate endings. Some choice may seem simple, but the result could be critical.
Deep characterization. As a father, even in an artificial planet filled with unknown creatures, nothing can stop Raynord on his way to his beloved daughter Mira.
There are not many top-down perspective sci-fi horror game in mobile platform. Even though the view is wide, the fear can never be avoided.
Unpredictable puzzles. Face threatening unknown creatures and solve different puzzles with wise, then figure out the secrets of the fallen artificial planet.
Dynamically triggered music. Sense the great oppression that Raynord is facing with sound. It is strongly recommend to wear Headphone while gaming.